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About us
Swan Panasia Co., Ltd. (Swan) has been founded on 20.02.2002 by a team of German and Taiwanese entrepreneurs and event enthusiasts.

Swan's mission is to promote and distribute card games and board games from all over the world to the Greater China region (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore) as well as to the Southeast Asia region (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand) and to promote and distribute games designed and made in East Asia and Southeast Asia to Europe, Americas and Australia.

Swan carries products of over 200 different European, American and Asian game publishers and has evolved into Taiwan's biggest provider and one of Asia's largest distributors of Euro style / German style board games and board game accessories.

In 2007, Swan started to license and print official Chinese versions of games. So far, following Chinese versions have been published by Swan:

Name of the game (name of original publisher)

7 Ate 9 (Out of the Box)
A La Carte (Moskito)
Agricola & Expansions (Lookout)
Aquarius (Looney)
Bang! (DV Giochi)
Bohnanza (Amigo)
Cabo (Eventide)
Carcassonne (Hans im Glueck)
Catan (Kosmos)
Citadels (Fantasy Flight)
Civilization (Fantasy Flight)
Cloud 9 (Out of the Box)
Coach Ride to Devil's Castle (Adlung)
Coloretto (Abacus)
Colossal Arena (Fantasy Flight)
Dixit & Expansions (Libellud / Asmodee)
Dominion & Expansions (Rio Grande)
Don Quixote (Pegasus)
Emissary Crisis (Qianqi)
Frank's Zoo (Doris & Frank)
Filou (2F)
Finca (Hans im Glueck)
Fliegen Klatschen (Abacus)
Geistesblitz (Zoch)
Gifttrap (Gifttrap)
Halli Galli (Amigo)
Hey! That's my Fish (Phalanx)
Hit Manga (Tansanfabrik)
I am the Boss (Face 2 Face)
Incan Gold (FRED)
Lifeboat & Expansions (Gorilla)
Lost Cities (Kosmos)
Lupus in Tabula (DV Giochi)
Mamma Mia (Abacus)
Mondo (Pegasus)
Power Grid & Expansions (2F)
Pickomino (Zoch)
Puerto Rico (Alea)
Ra (Knizia)
Roll Through the Ages (FRED)
Saboteur & Expansion (Amigo)
Shashawa (MJ Games)
Smiley Face (Fantasy Flight)
Solo (Amigo)
Steam (Mayfair)
Stone Age (Hans im Glueck)
Taiwan Snackbar (Swan)
Take 6 (Amigo)
Toc Toc Woodman (Gemblo)
Wizard (Amigo)
Zicke Zacke Huehnerkacke (Zoch)

In 2009, Swan started to internationally distribute games designed and made in East & Southeast Asia; so far following brands from East & Southeast Asia have joined the Swan distribution network:

Aza Qlub
Han Dynasty
Mountain Walkers Game Illustration
Qianqi Animation

our suppliers
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